Google Earth 5.1 tambah lebih cepat

After the beginning of this year issued a google Google Earth version 5.0 with many new features, Google yesterday released Google Earth 5.1. In this version of google focuses on speed and the use of Memory (RAM), in accordance with the motto “fast is better than slow”, also on display.

In version 5.0, Google’s adding various features such as: diving into the ocean, the difference images in a certain time between now and the past, touring the facility and the 3D Mars. Later in version 5.1 is enhanced with improved speed problems (memory usage). Google says that the speed of loading can be increased to 25%. In addition, improvement (increase) in the graphics rendering process, so that the view is better than before.

For those who are able to use the Google API (Application Programming Interface), which allows us to put Google Earth on our own website, Google also added speed dialing functions. In addition, in this version also was included plugins for IE / Firefox / Chrome, so if there is a web show in the google earth browser, can be instantly displayed.

Here’s a comparison version of google earth and start-up time (when running the first time) and memory used while searching the city “Paris” is tested by the Google Operating System blog (which we get the results could vary due to computer specs and internet connections are used ).

The official address of Google Earth is, and from there we can actually download this program. But we have to download them online using the Google Updater, which sometimes for some of us long enough, and if the computer already installed google, even just to update it. If you want to download the Google Earth installer Offline (can we install without internet connection), we can get from here: Direct download link Google Earth (11.63 MB). Can also download directly from FileHippo


3 pemikiran pada “Google Earth 5.1 tambah lebih cepat

  1. Mantap gann google earth mang mantap

  2. useful plugins. thanks.

  3. potottttttttttttttttttt

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